OPEN UP Massage Balls

OPEN UP Massage Balls


Simply place your OPEN UP Massage Ball between any trigger point and a flat surface, then let gravity take over! This portable, easy to pack tool loosens up tight muscles in your lower back, upper back, shoulders, chest, arms, neck, feet, legs, or any muscle that needs to be rolled out! Whether you're a Crossfitter, Yoga practitioner, powerlifter, bodybuilder, runner, or just looking to take one small step to improve your health - the OPEN UP Massage Ball simply works!



Every muscle in the human body is covered in a layer of fascia. When our fascia undergoes stress, small tears can occur, causing adhesions. These adhesions are commonly referred to as "trigger points". By applying directed pressure to these trigger points via "self myofascial release", we can effectively reduce or eliminate a wide range of pains and discomforts in the body.


We're providing you with the information you'll need to get started. You will get concise, step-by-step instructions that you can implement right away! Whether you're in a chair, at the gym, in your car, or traveling - this deep tissue massager is a must have in your day-to-day arsenal! This self-myofascial release tool can help to speed up recovery, reduce muscle tightness, increase circulation, and improve movement efficiency and overall mobility.



At Open Up Body, we believe in selling only the highest quality products in the marketplace - which is why we offer a lifetime warranty on everything. Your massage balls will not fall apart or lose it's shape or color from regular use over time! We've specifically designed it to be dense, durable, extra firm, and to have strong grip when applied to the human body. This allows for deep penetration into your muscle tissue at a pace you can handle!



If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied, you can return your massage balls for a no-questions asked, full refund! For a risk-free purchase that your body will thank you for after the first five minutes, just click the "Add to Cart" button!

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